Wouldn’t it just be nice if you knew exactly what to do when you sit down to write a blog post, or an email blast, or even launch a new marketing campaign?

We can help you be that person – put together, on point, and, most importantly, fulfilling your mission.

Are you like the hundreds of other people trying to put a little more good into the world... but instead of adding more kindness and beauty you feel like you're just spinning your wheels?

We help you craft a message that turns strangers into true believers… and then we tell you exactly how to share it in fresh new ways over and over again.

Strategic in-person and digital marketing campaigns grow your audience of supporters, customers, and brand ambassadors. 

Getting calls from people who have fallen in love with what you do and want to get more involved

Seeing more people than ever drawn to your mission, while having more time than ever to do more good in the world.

Amplifying your brand’s voice across multiple platforms, from social media to real life experiences

Imagine popping open your laptop and knowing exactly what words to write, who to invite to your next event, and which imagery to share on Instagram. You’ll go from worn down and missing out to…

When you partner with us to complete the Landmark Method for Marketing you go from uncertain but hopeful to confident and courageous. 

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We’re here to do the strategic stuff so that you can do more good stuff.

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Brand Profile
Mission Statement
Customer Profile
Competitive Analysis

3 Campaign Outlines
3 Email Opt-In Ideas
Email Welcoming Sequence
A Year of Blog Post Topics
Content Creation Guide



At the end of our time together you will get a done-for-you marketing plan that includes:

The Landmark Method for Marketing





Ready to join us?

Landmark Method brands are courageous, confident, resourceful, generous, thoughtful, and, most importantly, doing more good than ever before. 



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